Granite Colors

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Granite Memorial Stones are available in a wide range of colors. The different locations of the quarries dictate the color and style of the granite. With granite coming from as far as China, and as local as the iron range, our color selection is as versatile as it gets. We offer black granite memorials stones, pink granite memorials stones, and everything in between.

Mesabi Black
Rustic Mahogany
Colonial Rose
Mesabi Black Select
Blue Pearl
Academy Black
Charcoal Black
Royal Emerald
Sunset Red
Royal Mahogany
Imperial Red
Sierra White
Bahama Blue
Diamond Gray
Gold Star Black
Lake Superior Green
India Mist
St. Cloud Gray
Mountain Red
Sunset Beige
India Black
China Gray
Melrose Black
Morning Rose
Georgia Gray
Plum Rose
Autumn Brown
Barre Gray
Jet Mist