Memorial Stones

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The design and shape of the memorial stone is completely up to you. We want to offer ideas and possibilities that ultimately help you create a place of remembrance for your loved one. Often the best place to start is to think of the memories and life of your loved one. From there, the design and development of the stone can be done. Begin by picking out the stone and then move on to the shapes, emblems, and fonts. Our dedicated staff will be there for assistance wherever needed.


Granite Colors

Shapes & Emblems


Remembering Our Loved Ones

Remembering and honoring our loved ones is an important part of someone’s life. As each life has a unique story, a piece of that story can be told through a memorial stone. While we know that navigation through this process can be difficult and unclear, we want to help in whatever way necessary. Beyond offering the highest quality stone and engraving we are here to work with your funeral home, crematorium, and cemetery to help ease the burden. Our dedicated staff wants to see your needs fulfilled with a memorial stone that is significant to you and your loved one while providing an untroubled avenue to accomplish this process.

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