CustomRok Non-Combustible Mantles By Great Lakes Stone

These beautiful, custom-made, mantles often give the ability to place your mantle closer to the fire insert when compared to traditional mantle materials. (Consult local building codes and fireplace owners manual) This amazing concrete product gives us the ability to make your dreams a reality. From custom shapes and lengths to custom textures and colors, our mantles deliver a one-of-a-kind look to every fireplace.

○Handmade From Non-Combustible Material

○Durable & Lightweight

○Made to Specifications

○Custom Faced and Shaped

○Non-Combustible Mounting System Available 

Color Options

*Additional Colors Available

CustomRok Pricing

$129 Per Linear Foot

6″ Height or Less

10″ Depth or Less

Additional Depth/Height Option

$4.99 Price Per Linear Foot for Each Additional 1″ of Height or Depth